Frequently Asked Questions about Feedback

1: What is the concept of Anonymous feedback?

Feedback is a very powerful piece of information and criticism that helps in enhancing productivity and improving performance. Anonymous feedback can be collected where the information obtained is kept confidential. User can chose to hide his / her details while giving feedback.

2: For what purpose can Anonymous feedback be used?

Anonymous Feedback can prove to be helpful to the client’s needs as followed:

  • Club’s meeting feedback.
  • Suggestion box (only version).
  • 1:1 feedback anonymous.
  • Undisclosed feedback to boss or owner.

3: How to generate Anonymous Feedback?

Customers can create Feedback in ‘Feedback’ section (similar to ‘Survey’). Select list to send the feedback (this list is can be department team or a sub-team). A feedback form is generated and distributed (via email/text) and sent to users. Once users click the link they can see the form to enter feedback. In that process they have a choice of making their feedback anonymous OR they can use their names.

4: Can we analyze the feedback?

Yes, Anonymous feedback can be analyzed conveniently with powerful reports.

5: Is the format of message similar in Anonymous feedback?

Yes, format remains the same and so would be the distribution method.

6: What is Club feedback?

Clubs refer to a formal group having collaboration of ideas. Such clubs are usually structured in educational, professional and business institutes. Both local and international clubs require relevant feedback that generates for them in an automated way.

7: How to use Club feedback?
After Sign in, visit dashboard, select a feedback. From feedback select one of the template matching with your needs. Give some information and voila !

8: What makes Club feedbacks special ?
You can create meaningful, ready made feedbacks in minutes and use it anywhere. Collect unlimited responses and analyze the results. All available, even for the free account!

9: Are Club feedbacks upgraded frequently?
The functionality of club feedbacks is updated frequently. The important features are template i.e., the ready made feedback forms are added on continuous basis.