Frequently Asked Questions about Poll

1: Describe poll?

User anonymously gives feedback and owners/managers review to improve their performance.

2: Can I use different languages to create polls?

Yes,’s efficient programming allows you to use any language while creating a poll.

3: Are there any limitations of polls?

No, clients are free to create polls without any restrictions.

4: Can I have this poll in kiosk?

Yes, clients can avail poll facility on Kiosk.

5: How accurate are the results of these polls?

Accuracy of polls depends upon the sincerity and response of client., itself, is not responsible for the accuracy of poll.

6: Can I create more than one poll at a time?

Yes, clients are free to create as many polls as they want.

7: How can I respond to a poll? makes it easier to respond to polls. After creating a poll, client can simply share the link. This link can be clicked by the user to respond to that poll.

7: Can the audience respond to polls using twitter?

Yes, customers can avail poll facility on twitter.

8: How can the poll be distributed?

Link of the poll can be shared with any user via Whatsapp, E-mail, SMS (text), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

9: Can the poll be operated through a mobile?

Yes, the link of the poll can be operated using any electronic gadget.

10: How can I see the results of the polls?

The results of poll shall be display in the 'Distribute’ section of page.

11: Can the results of poll be received in a hard copy?

Yes, allows you to have a hard copy of polls’ results.

12: Are there any limitations on users while creating polls?

No, does not impose any limitations on users while creating polls.

13: Are there any limitations users in creating a team? may impose certain limitations depending upon the promotional plan chosen.

14: What happens when the user faces difficulty while making/exploring polls?

Since,’s focal point is to serve clients competently, it encourages complains to be reported to regarding any unpleasant issues faced.’s team shall efficiently look into the matter and provide assistance promptly. also encourages ambiguities to be registered directly at its forum which has a representative. The representative is available to provide solutions to all customers uncertainties.

15: Can polls be used for deciding the venue of a business seminar?
Yes,’s purpose is to provide services to all users, from large organizations to small clubs.

16: How to create poll with

 To create a poll, first you need to “sign up” to through this link
 If you are already a user then sign in to your account through
 Click on “Polls” from the dashboard. Now to create poll, there is a 3 step process as “Guide for Polls” for your assistance:

1. Team
Add the suitable “team name”. Team is already added, you can rename the team or create new one.

2. Polls
The next step is to create poll. For that;
• Click on poll from the “guide for polls”.
• Insert the name of poll.
• Choose a poll style from the given templates e.g restaurants, movie etc.
• And click on “Create Poll”.
• Set the visibility of poll (if you want the public to see the results or only you will see the results), then add the supporting pictures if you like, and at the end add the options of the polls in the “poll choices”.

3. Distribute, Preview and Results
The final step is to distribute the polls to subscribers via email or SMS, then preview and get the results of the poll.