Frequently asked questions about Internship program


Note: This document is prepared by an intern.
Please refer youth for internship. US or anywhere else. Work from home. 5~40 hours (flexible) .
youth means - High school to Phd level education, with or without experience. Willing to learn and overcome mediocrity. Internet savvy. Energetic. Focus on business, creative or technology.

1. is a course or internship?

It is not a course, it’s a job with learning experience. That’s why we are calling it internship.

2. Eligibility to get internship

  1. High school and internet savvy students with great scores
  2. For technology internship: Finished few computer courses
  3. For marketing internship: Finished few marketing courses
  4. For creative internship: Finished few creative courses as well as know how to create / edit using Adobe products.

Young or old doesn’t matter for a software company - it’s a Silicon Valley startup. Level of skills and hard skills is the criteria. Younger interns should do some extra courses and they should be internet savvy. Interns with higher education or experience are preferable because they can provide value to company as well.

3. What will interns learn?

In the initial stage we assign easy tasks like ‘to sign up, to make accounts, e.t.c.’. These types of tasks should be easy for those who are Internet savvy.

Secondly, ‘How to review or test a website’. For that we specify the online courses and purchase it for interns.

Third, Project Management and related knowledge. We have created videos for this purpose. This includes ‘Trello’ and other latest softwares, as we are focusing on latest software. Interns will learn from videos and hands-on work.

4. Is preparing intern for a job?

After experience from based hands-on work Interns are ready to do more. Interviews contain some theoretical questions which are not addressed even by personnel experience. Interview requires special preparation. Individuals will have to practice and learn to pass interviews.

Internship does not prepare interns for ‘how to pass interview’ but it gives the foundation, work ethics , theoretical knowledge and collaborative work environment i.e., a real world work environment for latest software / technology company.

This indirectly helps interns in getting a job in (if you qualify) OR any other company.

5. Is it a paid internship?

Yes and no. For offshore (outside of US in South Asian side) there is some payment, but it is not a salary, it is only a ‘token money’. This money is based on a proper offshore based intern salary, but it’s not enough for US or some other western countries. Our incentive is to inspire our interns only that is why we did not kept it free. We give token money to encourage them as it is a reflection of how good they are working. For western countries, we currently only have unpaid internships.

6. Certificate of Internship

This is again to inspire and encourage our Interns. In educational institutes (coaching centers / academies) there are studies, tests and reports which are paid by parents. In, Students are not called students they are Interns (i.e., Same as other employee but in very early stage of hands on learning).

This setup is to inspire interns and give them real world experience. A certificate of completion of internship will be issued after 8 weeks when the internship period is successfully completed and participation on one of the following significant events (team wide presentation, participation in launch OR participation in large sales/affiliate event). This roughly makes it a 10 weeks long (depends on when the significant event happen.

7. What is the benefit of internship program to can work without interns as well i.e., we can hire direct experienced employee with salary. But there are multiple reasons to have Ripe’s internship program:

  • Philanthropic - giving back to society:
    A. To enable youth with first job experience
    B. To cultivate excellence instead of mediocrity

  • Future employees trained by Some interns after getting direct training from may be qualified and skilled enough to join as full time employee.

  • Interns from South Asia can have a direct learning experience of Silicon Valley startup.

  • Foreign students of local university sometime face hard time getting a ‘normal internship’. internship can act as a backup internship. It is a win-win because can get local talent.

8. internship types

Everyone starts with learning how product works i.e., with QA for two weeks. Once they learn how product works, they can show interest and join one of the three tracks:


Interns will learn how to use and test website using different devices. How to report bugs in Trello. Propose new ideas and contribute to feature backlog. Perform some usability studies. And make enhancement suggestions.


Interns will learn marketing techniques and participate in activities that includes Google analytics, Facebook marketing, Word of mouth (WOM) marketing and viral marketing. Interns can participate in hands on activities, help in pre-sales and post- sales material. Help improve Affiliate program.


Interns will create micro blogs and videos using latest software. They will learn from generic templates and other work produced by company. They will have a chance to work with designers of company.

9. internship role expectation

100% performance is needed. Reasonable work performance. Demonstrable involvement and commitment from work and delivery of tasks in a timely fashion. Invest 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 hours/week based on comfort level. Be self managed.

10. Is Internship still open?

We plan to keep internship open all the time. We have limited availability per release. We can ask interns to join next release if they can not join us in previous release. Our releases are two month long.

11. Benefits of Internship for Interns?

There are lots of benefits.

  • Hands on job training
  • With experience and learning they can join or any other company
  • Some Interns after training can even start their own business via Upworks
  • Internship certificate
  • Bragging rights that they worked for a Silicon Valley startup
  • Make like minded friends
  • Overcome mediocrity and learn to be professional
  • Learn from experts
  • Produce and participate in a product and brand
  • Intrinsic … Be part of making something great !

12. How to apply?

Please send your resume and cover letter to

Prepared by: Dua Atif. Reviewed1. Draft. v3. Dated: 27th of April, 2020