Frequently Asked Questions about Surveys

1: What is a survey?

Surveys are a combination of forms and distribution. These are used to acquire relevant information from the customers using admissible questions. The comprehensive results achieved are then used to get an insight on critical information. Surveys have been instrumental in taking many notable decisions. For instance, businesses often conduct surveys focusing on customer satisfaction while governments make use of polio surveys to inquire about potential infectious materials.

2: What advance features does provide ? focuses on the variety, deep insight and intelligence. We offer the following features:

  • Quick Surveys, polls, feedback that can be created in minutes

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine learning applied to responses

  • Enhanced features of distribution.

  • Tested for variety of output formats - laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Availability as a Kiosk.

3: How can I distribute the surveys?

Surveys are always created for a team or a list to be shared with. A team could be a company, department or a project group. While, a list is a user’s name/E-mail/mobile number or any other details that is provided while creating those surveys. Once surveys are created using form builder, they are distributed to the list. These surveys can be distributed in many formats. For example, users may receive E-mails, text messages , push or voice messages, depending on what information is provided and stored in

4: How do I get the results of survey?

Once a user/recipient of the survey receive a notification via text message or an E-mail, they can click the link received and would be redirected to a form. Users can then fill the form and submit, a process known as ‘Capturing response’. These captured responses are collected, curated & processed by and presented in the form of reports to the users.

5: How do I analyze the survey results?

After creating survey, its analysis can be performed. The user can access the analysis report which contains processed and curated results, results on which advance techniques are already applied. Users can also use different search/tags/filters to see their desired results. This section is very useful for making analytical decisions.

6: Can be operated through a mobile?

Yes, it can be operated/created from mobiles, laptops and IPads.

7: Does provide any tutorials/explanatory videos for creating surveys?
Yes, has its own official YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter page where all kinds of relevant information material available.

8: Can I have this survey in kiosk?

Yes,’s advance upgrades allow the clients to have surveys in kiosk too. The information collected via surveys can be sent to’s server where the manager can analyze the captured responses.

9: What happens when the user faces difficulty while making/exploring surveys?

Since,’s focal point is to serve clients competently, it encourages complains to be reported to regarding any unpleasant issues faced.’s team shall efficiently look into the matter and provide assistance promptly. also encourages ambiguities to be registered directly at its forum which has a representative. The representative is available to provide solutions to all customers uncertainties.

10: What makes superior to other survey companies? provides an online method of collecting surveys using advanced artificial intelligence methods. These advance methods include analytics, management, response processing, classifications and much more. While other survey companies charge a comparatively higher amount for provision of these features, proffers these features at an extremely low-price. Also, these methods allow analysis of the survey results to be made very conveniently while other companies only store the data or allow usage of forms.

11: Can I send surveys via SMS (text)?

Yes, surveys can be send via SMS (text), Whatsapp, LinkedIn, emails and more.

12: How to create a survey in

 To create a survey, first you need to “sign up” to through this link
 If you are already a user then sign in to your account through
 Click on “Survey” from the dashboard. Now to create survey, here is step by step guide to create surveys:

1. Team
Add the suitable “team name”. Team is already added, you can rename the team or create new one.

2. List of members
Create the list of members either through uploading the .csv or .txt file or by manually adding the list of emails in the given space.

3. Survey
Click on “(+)” to create a new survey. Surveys are created using drag and drop form.
After creating the survey; add the title, description, state and the list of the team members. Then click on “create survey”.

4. Campaign
After creating survey, the next step is to start a campaign. User can create one or more campaigns to schedule a distribution.

5. Messages
The next step in the process is to distribute the messages to members via email or SMS.

6. Analyze
After getting the results, the final step is to analyze the outcome of survey. Users can analyze results of surveys via reports.

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