How to create Feedback

How to create feedback?

 To create a feedback, first you need to “sign up” to through this link
 If you are already a user then sign in to your account through
 Click on “Feedback” from the dashboard. Now to create feedback, here is step by step guide to create feedback:

1. Team
Add the suitable “team name”. Team is already added, you can rename the team or create new one.

2. List of members
Create the list of members either through uploading the .csv or .txt file or by manually adding the list of emails in the given space.

3. Feedback
Add the title and select the template. Then click on “Create Feedback”.

4. Campaign
After creating feedback, the next step is to start a campaign. User can create one or more campaigns to schedule a distribution.

5. Messages
The next step in the process is to distribute the messages to members via email or SMS.

6. Analyze
After getting the results, the final step is to analyze the outcome of the feedback. Users can analyze results of feedback via reports.