Intelligent Customer Insight and Engagement aims to continuously introduce features that are helpful for it’s consumers and introducing 2020 Promotions is one of them. The team of vigilantly acknowledged the following needs of it’s customers and catered to them in the 2020 Promotions:

  • Customer’s desire to utilize advance features.

  • Customer’s need to find convenience in creating surveys, poll, feedback.

  • The need to avail forms facility.

  • The anticipation to experience Kiosk feature. launched 2020 Promotions to serve it’s clients. These promotions include several advance features and appealing components.

PROMOTION PLANS: introduces affordable and economical plans as compared to other survey companies. It’s motive is to provide benefits to the customers and become user friendly to them. Clients can avail any one plan and has the authority to cancel the subscription if agreement breached by the customer.

  • Free ($0/month): No charges yet the advance features give upgraded version of poll, surveys, and feedback.

    • Professional ($10/month - $10 off for 3 months): Cheapest plan to choose. This includes modernized surveys, polls, and feedback. Forms and public polls are an additional facility to be availed.
  • Non-Profit ($0/month - $10 off for 3 months): Economical plan - the client will pay $10/month after 3 months. The client shall avail forms and public polls with the latest features of surveys, poll, and feedback.

  • Beta Tester ($0/month): Free for 3 months after which pay $10/month.This package offers updated version of forms and public polls with surveys, polls, and feedback.

  • Premium ($20/month): Unlimited response/month - best seller. $20 off for 3 months. Composes of variety of features issued with surveys, poll, and feedback - Forms, public polls, forms, Kiosk, and SMS: 100/month (US#).

  • Competitor ‘Survey Monkey’ ($99/month): receives 1000/month response and composes of best features of surveys, poll, and feedback. It als guarantees accomplishment of all requirements of the clients and awaits it’s clients and values their reviews.

2020 Promotions