What is Microblogging?


Earlier in the 20th century, reaching out to public and enlightening them with new ideas was not an easy task. The power and influence of mere words was undervalued. Moreover, being accessible to a number of masses that too within minutes was strenuous. This culture, however, has been successfully defeated by the initiative of blogging methodology.

Microblogging is a communication podium that differs from other traditional blogs in context of the length of its content. Renown microblogging platforms, such as Twitter, allows users to convey their opinions in a maximum of 140 characters by making use of words, individual images or even video links.

Ripe.ai already launched many advance features related to surveys, polls, forms, feedback, and kiosk. And this time around, Ripe.ai takes immense pride to announce more efficient of a resource, a ‘micro blogs’ facility. The feature allows the user to add in more information regarding polls created, making them more comprehensive and inclusive.

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